Living with Cystic Fibrosis

Living with cystic fibrosis can be a very difficult challenge. The fact that the disease has no cure makes the matter worse.  Over the years, people suffering from condition had suffered series of breathing problems, growth retardation, respiratory difficulties, digestive disorders and other conditions.   However, there’s always a way of living and managing the disease when you have it.  Many people living with the disease are usually encouraged to cope with it as they also hope for better living condition all through their lifetime.  Let’s take a look at various suggestions that will help you   live successfully with cystic fibrosis.


Learning to Cope

If a child is newly diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, the parents should learn to cope with the condition.  Initially, the discovery of the disease can send cold chills to the spines of the parent.  After the initial shock, the parents should put themselves together and start looking for avenues to help the child cope with the disease.  If you are diagnosed with the disease as an adult, you still need to learn the best ways of coping with the condition.  Here are some tips to engage.


  • Know more about  cystic fibrosis

To cope with cystic fibrosis, you have to know more about it.  Do your best to gather as many facts as possible.  You may have to ask questions to your doctor and other medical professionals.   You’ll be advised on how best to cope with the disease.


  • Join Support Groups

There are various support groups set up for people living with cystic fibrosis. You have to locate them and join.  You can get enough moral and medical support when you join such groups.  The facilitators of such groups usually offer great insights on how you can cope with the disease and still prolong your life here on earth. You’ll also learn a lot about how to help a child living with the disease when you join such groups.  Mingling with other individuals suffering the disease can boost your morale. You can still have great hope in life as you share your joy and sorrows with the members of the group.


  • Engage in Support activities

There are several support activities meant to help people living with cystic fibrosis.  You have to familiarize yourself with them.  Some of the support activities include therapies and medications.  Some clinics offer them to victims of the disease. You have to make inquiries about this around your vicinity.


  • Maintain a Positive outlook

If you’re living with cystic fibrosis, life has not ended for you. There’s a need to maintain a positive outlook towards life.  You must avoid staying around people who are not well informed about the disease. You must also avoid staying around people who have negative outlook to life.  You may hear a lot of negative talks about the   disease. You have to ignore them so longs as you belong to a good support group.  From time to time, you have to speak positive words to yourself. This can give you enough strength to live in the face of the challenge you’re having.


  • Go for regular checkups

To live successfully with cystic fibrosis, you have to be going for regular checkups at the hands of a reliable doctor.  There are regular medications and therapies the doctor will be giving you.  They are designed to control the disease and also to prolong your life while you still battle with the disease. You have to maintain the regular checkups and also follow whatever instruction the doctor will give to you.


  • Establish a working routine

It’s good you establish a routine when living with cystic fibrosis. You have to plan your daily living and make sure you incorporate all the basic activities you have to take on daily basis.  You should have a routine for eating, taking your drugs, inhaling some medicines as directed and other activities. You have to maintain your routine in order to carry on with the challenge you’re having.


Finally, it’s good to continue with your life when living with cystic fibrosis. You can go to school, play some sports, get married, make friends, develop a career and still cope with the disease.  If your child is the one suffering the disease, you still need to see him or her through. Help the child to have a successful life by making sure he or she goes to school and also develops a befitting career.

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