Raising Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Living with cystic fibrosis as a child can be very devastating.  Most children living with the ugly condition suffer a lot all through their lives. The situation may even become worst as they continue to come up in life.  Cystic fibrosis remains a very dangerous genetic disorder that can even lead to the untimely death of the children if the symptoms are not treated or controlled.

Children living with cystic fibrosis do have thick and sticky mucus all around the tissues that make up their vital body organs.  The lungs, pancreas, liver and other vital organs are the most affected.  The condition of such children may even deteriorate when their parents fail to discover the disease on time.

In most cases, children living with the ugly disease suffer all manner of symptoms.   They suffer all kinds of lung infections especially if the thick mucus is found around the lungs. The lungs may be damaged along the line. This can lead to several breathing difficulties. Such children will then have incessant respiratory problems which can even terminate their lives.  Several breathing complications may also come up along the line.

Children living with cystic fibrosis also suffer destructions on their digestive systems.  This is usually the case when the disease attacks their pancreases and intestines.  In most cases, the   pancreas whose function is to produce enzyme necessary for digestive will fail as a result of the thick mucus. This will lead to several complications in the digestive system.  If the disease affects the small and large intestines, the child involved will find it very difficult to eat normal foods. This can lead to constipation and abdominal pain.

Again, children living with cystic fibrosis suffer retarded growth.  This is usually the case with the infants.  They will be losing weight on daily basis since many of their systems are no longer working well.   If the children are still infants, they may fail to add weight in the first 6 weeks of their birth.   There’s also the possibility of the children suffering retarded growth for several years. Most of their mates will begin to outgrow them. This can cause serious embarrassments to the parents of such children.  The children themselves may not develop well like their mates. This can lead to low self-esteem and self pity on their part of. In extreme cases, the children may find it difficult to think well.  In their schools, they will be having incessant health challenges. When their conditions are not properly handled, such children may become doomed all through their lives.

Many of the children living with cystic fibrosis also suffer uncontrolled coughing on regular basis.  This is usually the aftermath of the respiratory problems they may be having.  Sometimes, they will begin to cough out bloody and smelly sputum in the process.  Such children may also suffer the inflammation of their breathing tubes especially if they are still infants.

Pneumonia is also another common symptom for children living with cystic fibrosis. It’s the inflammation of the lungs as a result of the thick mucus resulting from the disease. It usually leads to several breathing complications. Chest pain and other heart problems may also arise in the process.

Meanwhile, there’s always   a way out of some of the problems discussed above. Sure, cystic fibrosis has no cure since it’s a genetic disorder, yet, the symptoms can be effectively controlled and treated.  If you have children living with the ugly condition, all you need to do is to take them to a medical doctor.   Series of blood test sweat test, genetic test and x-rays will be carried out to determine the level of the disease and the damages done.  The doctor will also go ahead to use some medications and injections in arresting the ugly conditions. This can give the children a reason to live as they battle with cystic fibrosis all through their lives.

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