About Adult Onset Cystic Fibrosis

Generally, cystic fibrosis is mainly very common with children or infants.  Many of them are born with it.  Cystic fibrosis   is a hereditary disease that usually leads to the presence of thick mucus around the affected glands of vital body organs.  In any case, Adult Onset Cystic Fibrosis is still a reality.  Many adults are found living with the disease. In most cases, many of them inherited that from their parents, right from their infant days.

Oftentimes, adults suffering from CF may not be aware of the disease when they were still children.  This is usually the case when the level of the disease is still mild at the infant days.  Children born with the disease may start suffering the symptoms if the level of the disease is very severe.  Such children will begin having   series of symptoms around their lungs, pancreas, liver and other organs.   However, children whose cases are very mild may not suffer much of the symptoms. As they grow, they may begin to suffer the symptoms occasionally.  When such children become adults, they may have a case of Adult Onset Cystic Fibrosis.  This occurs when the disease must have developed.

Really, the Adult Onset Cystic Fibrosis can be very deadly.  Adults suffering the disease   do suffer all manner of symptoms.   In most cases, the symptoms showcase mainly at the organs where the disease develops.  Adults suffering from CF may suffer diabetes.  This showcases in the form of Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes (CFRD).  It’s normally as a result of   decreased pancreas function.  This organ usually produces insulin but when it fails in its function as a result of blockages caused by cystic fibrosis, diabetes is bound to occur.

Again the onset of cystic fibrosis can lead to fertility issues in most adult men.  The disease causes blockages in the reproductive systems of the men involved. This can affect the production of sperm. Such men will end up becoming infertile if the condition is not treated.

Several cases of intestine problem also occur at the onset of cystic fibrosis. Adult suffering from the disease encounter series of intestine symptoms. This occurs when the intestine fail to absorb normal food nutrients as a result of the blockages from the disease.

The   onset of   cystic fibrosis   can also lead to several lung infections in adults.  This is usually as a result of thick and sticky mucus found around the lungs when the disease begins to escalate.  This can lead to lung infections, breathing problems and   respiratory diseases.

There’s also the possibility of liver damage in adult when cystic fibrosis is present. This is usually as a result of bile duct blockage when the mucus becomes very thick.  Cirrhosis may even result in the process if the condition remains untreated.

The onset of cystic fibrosis in adult may also lead to digestive problems.  This occurs when the digestive system is blocked.  This further leads to osteoporosis whereby the bones of the adult become very weak and porous.

Again, the Adult Onset Cystic Fibrosis    can equally lead to  other related symptoms such as  wheezing,  persistent breathing problems, sinusitis,  pains in the stomach,  heart failure,  heart attack,  chronic  respiratory problems,  increased fat in stool,  salty skin, salty  sweat,  diarrhea, weight loss,  allergies, asthma and so on.

Meanwhile,    the symptoms can be effectively controlled and treated in order to ameliorate the reality of the disease.  The treatment process can be in form of counseling and diagnosis.  The medical professional will advise you on the right diets you need to be eating. He or she will also carry out some tests in order to decode the level of the disease before recommending the right medications that can control the situation.

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