Cystic Fibrosis Prevalence

Cystic fibrosis is a very dangerous hereditary disease that can render the life of a baby useless when left unchecked.  It’s also a genetic disorder that can even continue with the child up to adulthood. Many adults are living with the disease which they actually inherited from their parents.   The disease rakes havoc in the lives of individual when it’s not discovered on time.

Actually, cystic fibrosis prevalence has been a subject of research in various circles.  Lots of researches have been conducted as regards the prevalence of the deadly disease.  So many researchers have come up with facts and figures indicating   the staggering number of individuals suffering from the disease.

According to recent reports, cystic fibrosis is prevalent    mostly in Europe and America.  Sources reveal that 1 out of 2500 babies born in the UK lives with cystic fibrosis.   Reports also have it that over 10,000 persons are currently living with the disease all over the UK.  The same scenario applies to other European countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, and France and so on.

On the American continent, reports show that over 10,000 persons are living with the disease.  Many of them are teenagers and young adults.  In Canada, the rate of cystic fibrosis prevalence stands at 3.7 per 10,000 births as at 1971 to 1987.  Currently,     several babies in the country are said to be living with the disease.

Furthermore, cystic fibrosis prevalence   is also seen in the reality of famous individuals living with the disease.   Among them include Albert Einstein; the famous scientist, Andre Simmons; the famous British wrester, Bill Williams; the great English soccer player, Frankie Abernathy; the former cast member of the MTVs show, and many others. The list is endless.  Several famous people have actually died of the disease while many others are still battling to survive with the condition.

Really, cystic is very prevalent all over the globe.   In the Asian world, the disease is not well known. This is because of the fact that the continent makes use of herbal supplement right from time.    Only very few people have the chances of suffering cystic fibrosis in the Asian continent.

In the Australian continent,   several individuals are actually living with cystic fibrosis.  Many of them inherited that from their parents.    A good number of such individuals still manage to survive because of the sophisticated medical equipments used in treating the symptoms of the disease.

In the African continent, cystic fibrosis is not prevalent but it actually exists.  In fact, the name of the disease is quite foreign to most Africans. This is mainly because African men and women have very strong genes that survive any kind of condition. It’s usually very hard to see an African suffering from cystic fibrosis.

From the foregoing, it’s very clear that cystic fibrosis prevalence   is mainly seen in the European and the American continents.  It’s indeed a genetic disorder seen in the lives of many men and women out there.  In most cases, individuals suffering from the disease have to inherit two of the faulty genes from their parents.  Both parents must be carriers of the faulty gene before their children can pick them up.

In any case, the prevalence of cystic fibrosis in the UK, US and elsewhere has continued to pose great risk to the lives of individual affected. The disease remains incurable but adequate diagnoses are usually carried out through several tests in order to ameliorate the conditions. Medical doctors do their best to treat the symptoms of the disease in order to give the patients enough room to enjoy life despite the reality of the disease.

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