How Common is Cystic Fibrosis?

Summary: Varying of ratios of people suffering from this Cystic fibrosis according to age and ethnicity.

Content: Cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease, is one of the most life-shortening diseases around the world. It is a genetic disorder which is responsible for creating problem mainly in respiratory and digestive systems. To be suffering from this disease you should inherit the defective gene from each parent. In case, one parent is a carrier and other is not, children might be carriers of this disease but not affected by this disease.

Where, in 1950s, the expected life limit of children suffering from this disease was only six years, the rate has increased gradually over the years to 32 years. In 1980s, the average age of a person suffering from this disease was around 14 to 15 years. Than, a decade earlier, it was improved to 18 years, and now it’s about 35 to 45 years, thanks to new research and facilities. Over all, there is a 10 year increase in the average life span of people suffering from Cystic fibrosis only in North America.

Today, millions of Americans have one defected gene and are carriers of Cystic fibrosis. Maybe the carriers themselves do not have this disease because they have only one gene for this disease, but they can be a source to transfer this disease to their children. Approximately 1 in 29 Americans are carriers of this disease. In Hispanic, 1 in 46 is affected by this disease. African-American ratio is 1 in 65 and in Asian it is 1 in 90, the lowest ratio of people suffering from Cystic fibrosis. In UK, 4% people are carriers of Cystic fibrosis. This makes Europe the main carrier of Cystic fibrosis and Cystic fibrosis the most common inherited disease.

People who are more likely to suffer from this disease is White Northern-European and Ashkenazi Jews with a ratio of 1 person suffering from Cystic fibrosis of every 3,200 with Great Britain having the ratio of 1 in 2,500. Then in Hispanic, the ratio is 1 in every 9,200. African-Americans are less affected by this disease, up to 1 in every 17,000 and much less are Asians, 1 in 30,000.

In United States, an average thousand new cases of Cystic fibrosis are reported each year, including newborns and adults. Apart from USA, in Canada, the Cystic fibrosis rate is stable but around 1988, it had increased to 1 in every 3,608. It went back to stable, few years later. In UK, the ratios are alarming, 1 in every 2,400 people. Over 9,000 people in UK have Cystic fibrosis right now.

The chances of a child to have Cystic fibrosis are only 1 in 4, about 25%. 2 in 4, 50% chances, are that the child will carry the infected gene but will not suffer from the disease, and 25% chances are that the child do not have any infected gene and nor he is the carrier of this disease.

Of all the patients of Cystic fibrosis, 80% are tested and diagnosed in their childhood, when parents start worrying about less growth of their children. About 10% young patients are diagnosed at teenage and only 3% are diagnosed around adulthood, but even the early diagnosis cannot save the patient from death by age 50 as this disease slowly destroys the lungs and also affect other organs including pancreas and liver. Strong antibiotics used to treat this disease have numerous side effects.

As, the average life span of Cystic fibrosis patients increases, the amount of people infected by this disease also increases as these affected peoples got engaged in family and pass the disease to their children.

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