Is Cystic Fibrosis Fatal?

A good number of men and women   who have known the reality of cystic fibrosis have continued to ask whether the disease is fatal or not? Well, the right answer is “YES”. Cystic fibrosis is very fatal in the sense that it has no cure and hence can easily lead to death.  It can as well cause severe complications in the life of the sufferer.

Actually, the fatality of cystic fibrosis   is usually a reality when   it’s not discovered on time. Several children including adults have died of the disease. Many of them lost their lives as a result   of failure to discover the disease on time.

The fatality of the disease also hinges on the fact that it has no cure.   It’s purely a genetic disorder that is usually transferred from   affected parents to their children.  The disease is usually caused by a faulty gene.  Both parents must be carriers of the faulty gene before their child can have the disease.  The faulty gene usually leads to the building of mucus on the affected organs.

The fatality of cystic fibrosis is also seen on the vital organs it usually attacks.  In most cases, the lungs, liver, pancreas and the intestines are the   most affected.  These organs are very important for life. If any of them is not working well, you’re gone for good.   Cystic fibrosis attacks these organs by forming thick and sticky mucus around their tissues.  If the lungs are attacked, several lung infections can result.  Breathing difficulties and other respiratory problems are also bound to occur.  If the pancreas   is attacked,   pancreatitis and other complications will result.  In adult, diabetes will be the resultant effect. This is because; the pancreas has the function of producing insulin which is a hormone that controls the level of blood sugar. When the pancreas is attacked, it will stop producing insulin. This will in turn lead to diabetes.  The pancreas also secretes enzymes necessary for digestion. If   it’s attacked, the enzymes will no longer be produced. This will cause serious complications in the digestive system.

If cystic fibrosis attacks the liver, the organ is likely to suffer damages. If the intestines are attacked, there will be several digestive problems, stomach pain and other complications.  All these point to the fatality of cystic fibrosis.

Currently, cystic fibrosis has no cure.  Children born with the disease can easily meet their untimely deaths when the condition is not discovered on time.   A good number of fatal cases have been recorded as a result of this.  Many adults who have battled with the condition have also given up the ghost.

In any case, cystic fibrosis can still be controlled. This is usually achieved when the symptoms are effectively treated.  There are specialized medical care   processes used in helping people suffering from the disease.  There are also therapies, diets and other medications used in treating the symptoms.  In most cases, doctors usually carry out several tests to diagnose the disease. Sweat test is the commonest test usually engaged. It’s used in determining the level of sodium chloride or salt in the human body.  If the level is very high, it’s an indication of the presence of cystic fibrosis.  Blood test, sputum test, genetic test and some others are also used to confirm the sweat test.   Doctors usually go ahead to treat the condition effectively thereby helping the individuals involved.

In conclusion, cystic fibrosis can still be controlled despite the fact of its fatality.  Children and adult suffering from the condition can still live normal lives when the symptoms are properly treated. Regular checkups are very necessary for checkmating the level of cystic fibrosis in the lives of the affected individuals.


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