Cystic Fibrosis Symptoms in Toddlers

Cystic fibrosis is a hereditary disease that affects all categories of children and even adults. It’s a genetic disorder that can render vital body organs useless. Toddlers do suffer the disease as they are coming up in life.   Current report from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has it that over 30,000 toddlers including infants are suffering from cystic fibrosis all over the US.

Cystic Fibrosis symptoms in toddlers are always very glaring.  The disease usually forms high amounts of mucus around the lungs, pancreas and other vital body organs.  This leads to diverse symptoms.   Sometimes, there may be mucus around the airways of the toddlers suffering from the disease. This can make them experience shortness of breath and wheezing from time to time.  The worst aspect of the disease is that it can make toddlers not to participate well in normally playing activities when they meet their mates.

Several symptoms of cystic fibrosis are found in the lives of toddlers living with the disease.  Let’s examine some of them.

  • Breathing difficulties

Most toddlers living with cystic fibrosis have difficulties in breathing well. This is usually the case when the lungs are badly affected.  The mucus around the lungs leads to several complications in the breathing process. This leads to the blockage of airways in the life of the toddlers.


  • Lung Damage

Lung infections are bound to occur when a toddler lives with cystic fibrosis.  The lungs may further damage and cause series of respiratory problems for the toddler involved.

  • Salty Skin and Sweat

Toddlers living with cystic fibrosis do have salty skins which produces salty sweat.  The level of the salt in the sweat is usually very high.  When you kiss such a toddler on any part of his or her skin, you’ll feel the taste of salt all over.


  • Incessant infections

Toddlers living with cystic fibrosis suffer incessant infections on regular basis.  The thick and stick mucus formed around the vital organs usually allow the growth of all kinds of bacteria. This leads to all forms of   infections such as pneumonia, sinusitis, lung infections, chronic cough, breathing problems, fever, cold and a lot more.


  • Weight loss

Toddlers living with cystic fibrosis lose weight on daily basis.  This is because; the disease interferes with the absorption of nutrients going on in their bodies.   Sometimes, the weight loss may be unusual and confusing to the parents of the toddlers.  It can as well become   a complicated issue.


  • Abnormal Stool

Toddlers suffering from cystic fibrosis excrete abnormal   stool.  In most cases, the stool can be greasy and smelly.  This is as a result of blockages caused in the bowel system of the toddlers.


  • Digestive  problems

Toddlers living with cystic fibrosis also suffer digestive problems.  Such problems occur when the intestines are badly affected. Mucus may fill up the intestines and also cause blockages.


Well, the above cystic fibrosis symptoms found in toddlers can be effectively controlled and treated when adequate steps are taken. The parents of a toddler living with the disease are expected to take the child to a medical center for proper treatment.  Although,    cystic fibrosis may not be cured, yet, the symptoms can be treated and controlled.  Doctors usually use several tests in diagnosing the disease.  Sweat test, blood test, sputum test and others are usually conducted.  Proper medications are also administered. The doctor will also recommended necessary diets for the toddler.  By so doing, the toddler’s life can be preserved. He or she can still live a good life.

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